Saturday, September 04, 2004


Blogger Burnout

At the end of August, Steven Den Beste at USS Clueless said, "I've realized that I don't want to write any longer," and a few days later for different reasons Steven Yates announced that he was discontinuing not only his blog, but his writing career until further notice. "I don't think anyone is reading anyway," Yates said.

I for one am sad to see those fine blogs fade away. In Yates' case, I suspect there were more readers than he realized. Even if there were not, Seneca's words (Epistulae Morales 7.11) seem a propos:
That fellow, whoever he was (for his identity is uncertain), when asked what good his careful craftsmanship was doing if it would reach only a very few people, did well to answer, 'A few are enough for me, one is enough for me, none is enough for me.'

bene et ille, quisquis fuit (ambigitur enim de auctore), cum quareretur ab illo quo tanta diligentia artis spectaret ad paucissimos perventurae, 'satis sunt,' inquit 'mihi pauci, satis est unus, satis est nullus.'

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