Thursday, December 23, 2004


Merry Christmas

There is an excellent series of Christmas quotations and art at Pontifications. Here is one of the quotations, from St. Maximus the Confessor:
The Word of God, born once in the flesh (such is his kindness and his goodness), is always willing to be born spiritually in those who desire him.

Those who would remove Christ from the celebration of Christmas are flourishing in Italy as well as here in the United States, alas. Scroll down to the paragraph that starts with the words "The Festival of Multi-Ethnic Joy."

American poet Eugene Field (1850-1895) is unfashionable these days, and for that reason dear to my heart. He wrote a baker's dozen of poems about Christmas.

Stephen C. Carlson offers an interesting and plausible new interpretation of Luke 2.2.

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