Sunday, March 13, 2005


Blogger Problems

AnalPhilosopher has given up on Blogger, and now Maverick Philosopher threatens to do likewise. I too have encountered several problems with Blogger over the past few days. I'm not giving up yet, mostly because a few people link to my blog, and I'm afraid they might neglect to update their links.

It's my experience that Blogger sometimes doesn't really eat posts, although it may seem to. On occasion it keeps unpublished posts in its database, and you can eventually "edit" the posts and re-publish them. It's a pain, though, I admit. Having seen software from the inside, I don't trust its reliability, and I'm not convinced that software you pay for is necessarily better than software that's free. Here are a few things I do to guard against Blogger's flakiness:
  1. I compose posts offline, then copy and paste them into Blogger.
  2. I keep originals of my posts.
  3. At the beginning of every month, I save the archive for the previous month.

Update: Bill Keezer also reports Blogger problems.

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