Sunday, November 13, 2005


Double Entendres

One of the two Letters to Cynthia in Christopher Morley's Mince Pie (1919) is entitled In Praise of Boobs, which brought a wicked smile to this dirty old curmudgeon's face. By "boobs" Morley means ninnies, not mammary glands. It's difficult to find anything to praise in the former, but easy to find much to praise in the latter.

I can't resist quoting my favorite unintended double entendre of this sort, from the 24th chapter of Dicken's Martin Chuzzlewit:
She touched his organ, and from that bright epoch even it, the old companion of his happiest hours, incapable as he had thought of elevation, began a new and deified existence.
By "organ" Dickens means the musical instrument, not the membrum virile.

Taking words in their unintended senses, one could say that the generative organ is capable of elevation in the presence of praiseworthy boobs.

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