Monday, November 28, 2005


Macaronic Verse

Gilbert Abbott à Becket, A Holiday Task:
Air--Jullien's Polka

Qui nunc dancere vult modo
Wants to dance in the fashion, oh!
Discere debet -- ought to know,
Kickere floor cum heel et toe
        One, two three,
        Hop with me,
Whirligig, twirligig, rapidè.

Polkam jungere, Virgo, vis,
Will you join the Polka, Miss?
Liberius -- most willingly.
Sic agimus -- then let us try:
        Nunc vide
        Skip with me,
Whirlabout, roundabout, celerè.

Tum laevâ citò, tum dextrâ
First to the left, and then t' other way;
Aspice retrò in vultu,
You look at her, and she looks at you.
        Das palmam,
        Change hands ma'am
Celerè -- run away, just in sham.

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