Wednesday, December 28, 2005



Macrobius, Saturnalia 1.10.7-8 (tr. Percival Vaughan Davies):
On the twelfth day before the Kalends of January there is a rest day in honor of the goddess Angeronia, to whom the pontiffs offer sacrifice in the temple of Volupia. According to Verrius Flaccus, this goddess is called Angeronia because, duly proptiated, she banishes anxiety (angores) and mental distress. Masurius adds that an image of this goddess, with the mouth bound up and sealed, is placed on the altar of Volupia, because all who conceal their pain and care find, thanks to their endurance, great joy (voluptas) at last.

duodecimo vero feriae sunt divae Angeroniae, cui pontifices in sacello Volupiae sacrum faciunt: quam Verrius Flaccus Angeroniam dici ait, quod angores ac sollicitudines animorum propitiata depellat. Masurius adicit simulachrum huius deae ore obligato atque signato in ara Volupiae propterea collocatum, quod qui suos dolores anxietatesque dissimulant perveniant patientiae beneficio ad maximam voluptatem.
If people were in the habit of concealing their pain, then Doctor Phil and his ilk would be unemployed. It is rare nowadays to find a Stoic silence in the midst of sorrow and suffering. Instead, the sound of whining is heard across the land.

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