Friday, October 13, 2006



Sun of the 21st Century, Eternal Sun, Guardian Deity of the Planet, Sun of Socialism, Ever-Victorious General, Lode Star of the 21st Century, Peerless Leader, Beloved Leader, Great Leader, Dear Leader, Great Suryong (chieftain), Sun of Revolution, Sun of Life, Sun of Juche (self-reliance), Fatherly Leader of all Koreans.

All these are titles of Kim Jong Il.

But my favorite titles are the ones bestowed on the Great Suryong by Big Hominid: Little Bighair and Bouffanted One.

Mark Ynys-Mon writes:
I prefer Elizabeth I's little collection:

Proclamation announcing the regnal style of Elizabeth I

The most high and mighty Princess, our dread sovereign Lady Elizabeth, by the grace of God Queen of England, France, and Ireland, defender of the true, ancient, and Catholic faith, most worthy Empress from the Orkney Isles to the Mountains Pyrenée.

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