Saturday, February 16, 2008



Dear Michael G.

Thank you for your nosegay and the equally probosterous rhinotrichosis. How about a post now on Lord Elgin's arhinia, a condition he unhappily shared with many of the marbles he pillaged/salvaged (delete as appropriate)? Or Mussorgsky's spectacular rhinophyma (as in Ilya Repin's less than flattering portrait), or Nicharchus' Nicon de Bergerac from the Greek Anthology?

For fellow sufferers of rhinorrhea it may be some comfort to know that 'snotorscipe' ['sc' pronounced 'sh'] in Old English means "sense, discretion, prudence". It sounds like a good name for some support group website. And for the chronically flatulent, there's 'Fisting' (from OE 'fisting' - 'action of breaking wind'). No, perhaps not such a good idea after all.

All the best,

Peter W.

In this age of mass rhinoplasty, why not a revival of the adjective 'snout-fair'? What's good enough for Tyndale should be good enough for anyone.

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