Thursday, January 19, 2012


Book Smuggling

I can't resist posting the following, from an email sent by a friend:
I negotiated successfully the Ryanair gauntlet, which consists of the scrupulous and miserly weighing and measurement of luggage and the imposition of swingeing penalties for infractors. My purchases in London, apart from sweets for the children, were 35 books, a Rowlandson aquatint, and a second-hand shirt, so with only 25 kilos legally permitted (including hand-luggage) a mammoth concealment operation was called for – four breast pockets and four side pockets for the paperbacks and 'everymans', then a couple of the heftier volumes stowed fore and aft down the trousers, and one inside the newspaper. Fortunately, a fair proportion of the British population is clinically obese, so my bulk and slightly waddling gait didn't attract undue attention.

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