Friday, July 27, 2012


More Feline Dedicatees of Books

Guy Davenport (1927-2005) dedicated a book of stories to his cat Humphrey. See Guy Davenport and Nicholas Kilmer, "Fragments from a Correspondence," Arion, Ser. 3, Vol. 13, No. 3 (Winter, 2006) 89-130 (at 127, Kilmer's note 31):
Although Guy always, in his letters to me, spelled Humphrey's name with an "e," The Jules Verne Steam Balloon (San Francisco: North Point Press 1987), is dedicated "To my friend Humphry 1971-1986."
Polyaenus, Stratagems of War, Volume I: Books 1-5. Edited and Translated by Peter Krentz and Everett L. Wheeler (Chicago: Ares, 1994), preface, p. v:
Wheeler would like to dedicate this work to his cat J.B., who loves to read Greek, and Krentz to his three sons Tyler, Will, and John, who are still too young to read at all.
Hat tip: Eric Thomson (on Davenport's dedication) and David Whitehead (on Wheeler's dedication).

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