Monday, December 31, 2012


Heapes of Books our Food and Entertainment

Letter from Mary Evelyn to Samuel Tuke (1670):
You will not expect an account in this season of the yeare, how the flowers and greens prosper in the garden, since they are candying in the snow to be preserved for the spring, and our delights confined to the little wooden Roome, which could your perspective reach would for variety be no unpleasing diversion, than to see a dull fire, circled with a philosopher [her son's tutor, Ralph Bohun], a woman, and a child, heapes of books our food and entertainment, silence our law soe strictly observed that neither Dog nor Cat dares transgresse it. The crackling of the ice and whistling winds are our Musica, which if continued long in the same quarter may possibly freeze our witts as well as our penns, though Apollo were himselfe amongst us.
Hat tip: Eric Thomson.

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