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William Ellery Leonard (1876-1944), "Choice," in The Vaunt of Man and Other Poems (New York: B.W. Huebsch, 1912), p. 185:
(From the Norwegian of Björnson.)

My choice be April, then,
In which departs the old,
In which the new takes hold,
With hubbub round again —
For peace is not the best,
But doing things with zest.

My choice be April, then,
Because it storms and sweeps,
Because it smiles and weeps,
And owns the strength of ten —
Because it stirs the powers
Whence summer and its flowers.
The original:
Jeg vælger mig april!
i den det gamle falder,
i den det ny får fæste;
det volder lidt rabalder, —
dog fred er ej det bedste,
men at man noget vil.

Jeg vælger mig april,
fordi den stormer, fejer,
fordi den smiler, smelter,
fordi den ævner ejer,
fordi den kræfter vælter, —
i den blir somren til!

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