Monday, April 22, 2013


Spring Morning

A.E. Housman (1859-1936), "Spring Morning" = Last Poems XVI:
Star and coronal and bell
     April underfoot renews,
And the hope of man as well
     Flowers among the morning dews.

Now the old come out to look,
     Winter past and winter's pains,
How the sky in pool and brook
     Glitters on the grassy plains.

Easily the gentle air
     Wafts the turning season on;
Things to comfort them are there,
     Though 'tis true the best are gone.

Now the scorned unlucky lad
     Rousing from his pillow gnawn
Mans his heart and deep and glad
     Drinks the valiant air of dawn.

Half the night he longed to die,
     Now are sown on hill and plain
Pleasures worth his while to try
     Ere he longs to die again.

Blue the sky from east to west
     Arches, and the world is wide,
Though the girl he loves the best
     Rouses from another's side.

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