Monday, July 29, 2013


Typographical Errors

Wilfrid Blunt (1901-1987), Slow on the Feather: Further Autobiography 1938-1959 (Salisbury: Michael Russell, 1986), p. 111:
Marsden's most famous circular, however, was a brief one whose message was unhappily distorted by the carelessness of his secretary-typist. Most houses had several boys' rooms big enough for two brothers to share, and Marsden, ever eager for statistics, sent all housemasters a questionnaire asking how many rooms each had 'suitable for brothels'. Many stories are told of the typing errors of bursars' secretaries, but the prize must go to one at Wellington who circularised parents as to their willingness to accept an increase of school fees of £25 per anum — to which one father replied that he agreed, but would prefer to continue paying through the nose, as in the past.
Hat tip: Ian Jackson.


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