Friday, October 25, 2013


Don't Be Afraid of Them

Josiah Quincy, The History of Harvard University, Vol. I (Cambridge: John Owen, 1840), p. 433, quoting a letter from Thomas Hollis to the Harvard Corporation (January 6, 1724):
In the same spirit, writing of his "expectation of sending out another parcel of books," he adds, "If there happen to be some books not quite orthodox, in search after truth with an honest design, don't be afraid of them. A public library ought to be furnished, if it can, with con as well as pro, that students may read, try, judge; see for themselves, and believe upon argument and just reasonings of the Scriptures. 'Thus saith Aristotle,' 'Thus saith Calvin,' will not now pass for proof in our London disputations."

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