Sunday, October 27, 2013


So-Called Progress

Raymond B. Cowles (1896-1971), Desert Journal (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1977), p. 204:
The little tree frog is just one example of the thousands of species of animals that are being evicted by so-called progress, another name for simply making room for more of one species.
Id., pp. 253-254:
Let us try to grasp the life-defining values of forested hills and flower-spangled valleys, the clear outlines of lavender-shaded distant mountains and the color of their verdure close at hand. Let us contrast clear and unpolluted air, enriched by the natural fragrance of the countryside, with the noisome aerial garbage that rises from too many exhausts from too many cars, created and rendered noxious only by too many people. And think about the joys of glass-clear streams swarming with fish and free from industrial and human waste, clean lakes without a scum of oil from too many motorboats and with shores that do not reek with the odor of overflowing cesspools, undefiled beaches where the sound of the surf is not lost in the cacophony of radios or screaming humanity, and clear dawns on the marshes, silent but for the gentle cries of water birds or the singing of the wind across the reeds.

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