Sunday, October 27, 2013


Wasted Time

Quintilian 12.11.18, tr. William M. Smail in Quintilian on Education. Being a Translation of Selected Passages from the Institutio Oratoria (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1938), p. 140:
But we ourselves make our time short. How little time do we assign to study! Hours are wasted in the useless toil of social duties or in idling at the play or in the circus or at banquets. Add games of every sort and the mania for exercise; take away the time claimed by travel, holidays in the country, worry about finance, endless interruptions of a vicious sort, winebibbing and all manner of evil devices. And even such time as remains does not find us in a fit state for studious application.
The Latin:
sed breve nobis tempus nos fecimus: quantulum enim studiis partimur! alias horas vanus salutandi labor, alias datum fabulis otium, alias spectacula, alias convivia trahunt. adice tot genera ludendi et insanam corporis curam, peregrinationes, rura, calculorum anxiam sollicitudinem, invitamenta libidinum et vinum et fractis omni genere voluptatum animis ne ea quidem tempora idonea quae supersunt.

anxiam sollicitudinem invitamenta Halm: ansia sollicitudine multae eam G
fractis Winterbottom: flagitiis G: flagrantibus Halm
ea 1416: eam G

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