Sunday, January 26, 2014


Beware of Schoolmasters

Thomas Nashe (1567-1601), "Summers Last Will and Testament," lines 1571-1582, in his Complete Works, ed. Alexander B. Grosart, Vol. VI (London: Hazell, Watson, and Viney, Ltd., 1885), pp. 148-149:
Young men, yong boyes, beware of Schoolemasters,
They will infect you, marre you, bleare your eyes:
They seeke to lay the curse of God on you,
Namely confusion of languages,
Wherewith those that the towre of Babel built,
Accursed were in the worldes infancie.
Latin, it was the speech of Infidels.
Logique, hath nought to say in a true cause.
Philosophie is curiositie:
And Socrates was therefore put to death,
Onely for he was a Philosopher:
Abhorre, contemne, despise, these damned snares.

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