Sunday, January 19, 2014


Work Forbidden on Holidays

Macrobius, Saturnalia 1.16.9 (tr. Robert A. Kaster; footnotes omitted; brackets in original):
The priests, moreover, used to claim that religious festivals [feriae] became polluted if any work was undertaken once they had been proclaimed and formally scheduled. The priest in charge of sacrifices and the flamens were also forbidden to observe any work being done during festivals: that's why their approach was announced by a herald, so that any such activity would cease, and anyone who ignored the announcement was fined.

adfirmabant autem sacerdotes pollui ferias, si indictis conceptisque opus aliquod fieret. praeterea regem sacrorum flaminesque non licebat videre feriis opus fieri et ideo per pracconem denuntiabant, ne quid tale ageretur, et praecepti neglegens multabatur.
If similar rules were adopted today, maybe corporations would no longer force their employees to work on holidays such as Thanksgiving.

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