Monday, March 10, 2014


Rest Alone with Thyself

John Danyel, Songs for the Lute Viol and Voice (1606), no. iii, in English Madrigal Verse 1588-1632, ed. E.H. Fellowes, 2nd ed. (1929; rpt. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1950), p. 402:
He, whose desires are still abroad, I see
    Hath never any peace at home the while;
And therefore now come back my heart to me.
    It is but for superfluous things we toil.
Rest alone with thyself, be all within;
For what without thou gett'st, thou dost not win.
Honour, wealth, glory, fame are no such things
But that which from imagination springs.
High-reaching power, that seems to overgrow,
Doth creep but on the earth, lies base and low.

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