Sunday, May 18, 2014


Understanding Horace

Eduard Fraenkel (1888-1970), "The Latin Studies of Hermann and Wilamowitz," Journal of Roman Studies 38 (1948) 28-34 (at 31):
Only those who equal Horace in philhellenism and insight into the nature of Greek poetry are in a position to understand the poet of Venusia and the Italic vigour of his Muse.
Id., p. 32:
But this article and many occasional remarks of his on Horace are overshadowed by the essay 'Horaz und die griechischen Lyriker', at the end of his book Sappho und Simonides. This brief chapter is a masterpiece, and from its twenty pages a student who reads them patiently and intelligently, and is capable of following up their laconic hints, will gain more for his understanding of Horace than by plodding through whole libraries of more voluminous works.
Hat tip: Karl Maurer.

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