Sunday, July 13, 2014


An Accomplished Man

Callimachus, Epigrams 35 Pfeiffer = Greek Anthology 7.415 (tr. W.R. Paton):
This is the tomb of Callimachus that thou art passing. He could sing well, and laugh well at the right time over the wine.
The same (tr. A.W. Mair):
'Tis the tomb of Battus' son that thou art passing—one who was well skilled in poesy and well skilled in season to laugh over the wine.
The Greek:
Βαττιάδεω παρὰ σῆμα φέρεις πόδας, εὖ μὲν ἀοιδὴν
   εἰδότος, εὖ δ᾽ οἴνῳ καίρια συγγελάσαι.

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