Friday, September 25, 2015


Motto for a School

Pindar, fragment 227 (tr. Richard Stoneman):
The interests of the young
pursued with dedication
lead to glory; their deeds in time
shine on high.
The same, tr. William H. Race:
The ambitions of the young, when exercised with toil,
gain fame. And in time deeds shine forth,
lifted up to heaven.
The Greek:
νέων δὲ μέριμναι σὺν πόνοις εἱλισσόμεναι
δόξαν εὑρίσκοντι· λάμπει δὲ χρόνῳ
ἔργα μετ᾿ αἰθέρ᾿ <ἀερ>θέντα.

αἰθέρ᾿ <ἀερ>θέντα Boeckh: αἰθέρα λαμπευθέντα codd.

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