Sunday, October 11, 2015


Happy the Man

Seneca, Agamemnon 103-104 (tr. John G. Fitch):
Lucky the man content with the lot
of average folk...

felix mediae quisquis turbae
sorte quietus...
R.J. Tarrant ad loc.:
For quietus cf., e.g., Lucr. 5.1129f. ut satius multo iam sit parere quietum | quam regere imperio res uelle et regna tenere. For media turba compare Thy. 533f. liceat in media mihi | latere turba, also medium uulgus in Ov. Met. 7.432, Sen. Pha. 212, media plebs Ov. Met. 5.207. The thought is paralleled in Anth. Lat. 433.7 Riese pars ego sim plebis, 407.9, Tranq. 10.6.
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