Monday, December 14, 2015


A Shadow and a Dream

Isidore of Seville, Synonyma de Lamentatione Animae Peccatricis 2.91 (Patrologia Latina 83.865 C; tr. Claudia Di Sciacca):
This world's happiness is short, this world's glory is scanty, secular power is fleeting and temporary. Tell me, where are the kings? Where (are) the princes? Where (are) the emperors? Where (are) the rich in possessions? Where (are) the powerful of this world? They passed away as if they were a shadow, they vanished like a dream.

Brevis est hujus mundi felicitas, modica est hujus saeculi gloria, caduca est et fragilis temporalis potentia. Dic ubi sunt reges? ubi principes? ubi imperatores? ubi locupletes rerum? ubi potentes saeculi? ubi divites mundi? quasi umbra transierunt, velut somnium evanuerunt.

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