Monday, December 28, 2015


December Chores

Gervase Markham (1568?-1637), Markhams farwell to Husbandry (London: Printed by I.B. for Roger Iackson, 1620), pp. 159-160:
In the moneth of December, put your sheepe and swine to the Pease reeks, and fat them for the slaughter and market; now kill your small Porks and large Bacons, lop hedges and trees, saw out your timber for building, and lay it to season, and if your land be exceeding stiffe, and rise vp in an extraordinary furrow, then in this moneth begin to plow vp that ground whereon you meane to sow cleane Beans onely, now couer your dainty fruit trees al ouer with canuase and hide al your best flowers from frost and stormes with rotten old horse litter; now draine al your corn-fields and as occasion shal serue, so water and keepe moyst your medows; now become the Fowler with piece, nets and al maner of engin, for in this moneth no foule is out of season: Now fish, for the Carpe, the Breame, Pyke, Tench, Barbel, Peale and Salmon. And lastly for your health, eate meates that are hot and nourishing; drinke good wine that is neat, sprighty and lusty, keep thy body wel clad, and thy house warme, forsake what soeuer is flegmatick, and banish al care from thy heart, for nothing is now more vnwholesome, then a troubled spirit.

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