Sunday, January 03, 2016


Fill the Cup

Alfred Tennyson (1809-1892), "The Vision of Sin," lines 75-82:
I am old, but let me drink;        75
    Bring me spices, bring me wine;
I remember, when I think,
    That my youth was half divine.

Wine is good for shrivell'd lips,
    When a blanket wraps the day,        80
When the rotten woodland drips,
    And the leaf is stamp'd in clay.
Id., lines 95-106:
Fill the cup, and fill the can:        95
    Have a rouse before the morn:
Every moment dies a man,
    Every moment one is born.

We are men of ruin'd blood;
    Therefore comes it we are wise.        100
Fish are we that love the mud,
    Rising to no fancy-flies.

Name and fame! to fly sublime
    Thro' the courts, the camps, the schools,
Is to be the ball of Time,        105
    Bandied by the hands of fools.

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