Tuesday, January 26, 2016


New Testament Greek

William Cory (1823-1892), quoted in Gathered Leaves from the Prose of Mary E. Coleridge, with a Memoir by Edith Sichel (London: Constable and Company Ltd., 1910), p. 327:
The Authorised Version goes on translating γάρ, for, till it becomes perfectly nauseous. In the case of the Epistle to the Romans, it makes the argument hopelessly confusing. I recommend total abstinence.
There was an old scholar, George Kennedy. A friend Faber, a very poetical man, who afterwards turned R.C., came into the room once, and, to his surprise and joy, found him reading the New Testament, which was unusual. But all the old fellow said was, 'Rum fellow, Luke! uses ἄν with the Future Optative!'

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