Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Put Not Your Trust in Dictionaries

K.J. Dover (1920-2010), ed., Aristophanes, Clouds. Abridged Edition (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1970; rpt. 1980), p. xviii:
Since neither of the two creditors is represented as a money-lender, I call them χρήστης α′ and χρήστης β′, dropping the non-Attic term δανειστής* by which they are designated in the medieval MSS.
From the Corrigenda on p. 215:
'the non-Attic term δανειστής.' Exceptionally I trusted LSJ, omitting the word-indexes to the orators, and a gross error was the result. δανειστής in fact occurs several times in Demosthenes (e.g. xxxiv 8, lvi 6).
In his editio major (1968; rpt. 2003) Dover also substituted χρήστης for δανειστής (p. xxxi), but there doesn't seem to be a correction in that edition, if I can judge by amazon.com's Look Inside! feature (I own only a copy of the abridged edition).

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