Wednesday, June 08, 2016


This Will Do

George Faulkner (1703-1775), "To the Reader," in The Works of the Reverend Dr. Jonathan Swift, Vol. I (Dublin: George Faulkner, 1772), pp. v-xvii (at viii), discussing Swift's demands prior to the publication of his Works:
That the Editor should attend him early every Morning, or when most convenient, to read to him, that the Sounds might strike the Ear, as well as the Sense the Understanding, and had always two Men Servants present for this Purpose; and when he had any Doubt, he would ask them the Meaning of what they heard; which, if they did not comprehend, he would alter and amend until they understood it perfectly well, and then would say, This will do; for I write to the Vulgar, more than to the Learned.

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