Saturday, October 15, 2016


Happy the Man

Lucan, The Civil War 4.393-399 (tr. J.D. Duff):
When the whole world is nodding to its fall, happy the man who has been able to learn already the lowly place appointed for him. No battles call them from where they rest; no trumpet-call breaks their sound slumbers. They are welcomed now by their wives and innocent babes, by their simple dwellings and their native soil, nor are they settled there as colonists. Of another burden too Fortune relieves them: their minds are rid of the trouble of partisanship...

felix, qui potuit mundi nutante ruina
quo iaceat iam scire loco. non proelia fessos        395
ulla vocant, certos non rumpunt classica somnos.
iam coniunx natique rudes et sordida tecta
et non deductos recipit sua terra colonos.
hoc quoque securis oneris fortuna remisit,
sollicitus menti quod abest favor...

399 favor Ωa: pavor VC

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