Saturday, December 31, 2016


I Ask No More

Anonymous, "To Fortune," in Witt's Recreations (London: Printed by M. S(immons) sould by I. Hancock, 1650):
Since Fortune thou art become so kinde,
To give me leave to take my mind,
                                 Of all thy store.
First it is needfull that I finde
Good meat and drink of every kinde;
                                 I ask no more.
And then that I may well digest
Each severall morsell of the feast:
                                 See thou my store.
To ease the care within my breast,
With a thousand pound at least:
                                 I ask no more.
A well born and a pleasing Dame,
Full of beauty, void of shame;
                                 Let her have store
Of wealth, discretion, and good fame;
And able to appease my flame.
                                 I ask no more.
Yet one thing more doe not forget,
Afore that I doe doe this feat,
                                 Forgot before;
That she a Virgin be, and neat,
Of whom two sonnes I may beget;
                                 I aske no more.
Let them be Barons, and impart
To each a Million for his part;
                                 I thee implore.
That when I long life have led,
I may have heaven when I am dead:
                                 I ask no more.

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