Friday, January 20, 2017


Near and Dear

Pindar, fragment 52d = Paean 4, lines 32-35 (tr. Richmond Lattimore):
What is near home, city and hearth
and kinship, this gives a man something to stay
and love, and the passion for what is far away
belongs to vain fools.

τὸ δὲ οἴκοθεν ἄστυ κα[ὶ ἑστία
καὶ συγγένει' ἀνδρὶ φ[ερέγγυα
στέρξαι· ματ[αί]ων δ' [ἔπλετ᾿ ἔρως τῶν
ἑκὰς ἐόντων.

32-33 suppl. Wilamowitz, 34 suppl. Housman
My version:
Home town and hearth and kindred—trustworthy things for a man to love; to empty-headed folk belongs a yearning for things that are far off.
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