Monday, January 23, 2017


Urban Renewal

Robert Garioch (1909-1981), "Edinburgh Sonnet 2," Complete Poetical Works (Edinburgh: MacDonald Publishers, 1983), p. 186:
Be war in special o dour-heidit men
wha for conveniency wad kill delyte,
preivin that black is white and white is black,
expediency exped — but ach! ye ken

their arguments, aye birlin roun an roun:
St George's kirk is unco in the wey,
it's got dry rot, what luck! Wha's gonna pey
to pit it richt? Nae answer? Ding it doun.

Charlotte Square, George Square — baith out o the ark,
Adam's Auld Quad a muckle stane has-been,
Reidbrick's in fashion nou, no mason-wark;

we moderns wad like a cheenge o scene;
clear them awa and bigg a streamlined stark
new electronic brain-washing machine.
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Hat tip: Ian Jackson.

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