Sunday, March 12, 2017


Excerpts from a Library Catalogue

Bibliotheca Fanatica: or, The Phanatique Library: Being a Catalogue of Such Books as have been lately made and by the Authors presented to the Colledge of Bedlam (London, 1660), pp. 3-4:
Lucri bonus est odor ex re qualibet; a Treatise written in defence of his seizing on the Boie's Close-stool-pan, and reserving the contents for his own profit, because the Lad was so profane to carry it on a Sunday; by Alderman Atkins, Shit-breeches.
Id., p. 5:
Animadversions and Corrections of St. Paul's Epistles, and specially of that sentence, Godliness is great gain; whereas it should be, Gain is great Godliness; as is clearly proved by William Kiffin, Broaker of the Word.
Diva Pecunia, a brief Discourse to prove that there neither is, nor can be any other God which should be adored by the Saints, but the omnipotent Lady Money: by Marchamond Needham, the Devil's half Crown News-Monger.
Id., p. 7 (i.e. 6):
The Saints shall possess the Earth; proving, That it is lawful for the brethren to stab, cut the throats of, or any way make an end of the Wicked of this World, if so be there will thereby any profit accrue to themselves. By the Congregations at Pauls and elsewhere.

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