Sunday, March 12, 2017


Man's Fruits

George Gascoigne (1535-1577), "The Droome of Doomes Day," Complete Works, Vol. II, ed. John W. Cunliffe (Cambridge: At the University Press, 1910), p. 221:
O vile unworthinesse of mans estate and condicion, & O unworthy estate of mans vilenesse. Search the trees & the herbes of the Earth, they bringe forthe boughes, leaves, flowers, & fruits. A man bringeth forth nitts, lyse & worms. They distill & powre out, Oyle, Wyne, and Balmes, and a man maketh excrements of spettle, pisse, and ordure. They smell & breathe all swetenesse of smell and pleasauntnesse, whereas man belcheth, breaketh wynde and stincketh, for such as the tree is, such fruites it bringeth forth, and an evil tree can not bring out good fruit.

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