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Thesaurus Aenigmaticus: or, A Collection of the Most Ingenious and Diverting Aenigma's or Riddles (London: John Wilford, 1725), p. 35 (Aenigma XXXVIII):
To all around me Mirth I make, tho seldom spend my Pelf;
And whatso'ere I chance to say, I always shame my self.
I'm usher'd into Company of those of best Degree,
Who all congratulating Bow, when'ere they know 'tis me.
Yet whoso'ere me entertains, turns usually a Sneaker,
Tho' of the Commons House ('tis true) I once was Mr. Speaker.
And tho I'm chose no Member now, I often fill the Chair
But very seldom come into't if th' Speaker be not there.
I live to so great length of Age, I die for want of Breath,
And yet when'ere I hap to die, I sing before my Death.
Answer on p. 70:
A F——t.


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