Friday, March 31, 2017


Things of Value

Homer, Iliad 23.259-261 (my translation):
From the ships he brought out prizes — cauldrons and tripods
and horses and mules and strong heads of oxen
and well-girdled women and grey iron.

νηῶν δ᾽ ἔκφερ᾽ ἄεθλα λέβητάς τε τρίποδάς τε
ἵππους θ᾽ ἡμιόνους τε βοῶν τ᾽ ἴφθιμα κάρηνα,
ἠδὲ γυναῖκας ἐϋζώνους πολιόν τε σίδηρον.
With the periphrasis βοῶν ... κάρηνα cf. English "head of cattle." Related to κάρηνον is κρανίον, whence cranium: see Pierre Chantraine, Dictionnaire étymologique de la langue grecque, II (Paris: Klincksieck, 1970), s.v. κάρα, p. 496.

Nicholas Richardson ad loc.:

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