Friday, June 30, 2017



An Exmoor Scolding; in the Propriety and Decency of Exmoor Language, Between Two Sisters, Wilmot Moreman and Thomasin Moreman, as They Were Spinning. Also, An Exmoor Courtship. A New Edition, with Notes and a Glossary (London: J.R. Smith, 1839), p. 35 (from the Glossary):
Blogging, looking sullen.—Vide supra, Apurt.
Id., p. 34:
Apurt, sullen;—disdainfully silent, with a glouting look;—in a sour dogged disposition.
Id., p. 39:
Glumping, looking sullen; dark and lowering, gloomy or glum.
Id., p. 43:
Muggard and muggaty, sullen and displeased, at a real or supposed affront.
Id., p. 45:
To Purt, Purtee, or be Apurt; to sit silent and sullen.
I've been blogging most of my life, without even realizing it.

Hat tip: Eric Thomson.

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