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Joachim Du Bellay (1522-1560), Les Regrets 19, lines 5-11 (tr. Richard Helgerson):
I wander alone on the Latin shore, longing for France, and longing, too, for my old friends, my richest treasure, and for my pleasant Angevin home.

I miss the woods and the ripening fields, the vines, the gardens, and the meadows turning green through which my river runs...

Je me pourmene seul sur la rive Latine,
La France regretant, & regretant encor
Mes antiques amis, mon plus riche tresor,
Et le plaisant sejour de ma terre Angevine.

Je regrete les bois, & les champs blondissans,
Les vignes, les jardins, & les prez verdissans
Que mon fleuve traverse...
La rive Latine is the bank of the Tiber, and mon fleuve is the Loire.

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