Monday, October 23, 2017


The Logic of Plautus

Paul Lejay (1861-1920), Plaute (Paris: Boivin, 1925), p. 216 (my translation):
Since one sees that the logic of Leo isn't that of Ribbeck and that the logic of Ribbeck isn't that of Ritschl (to mention only the Grand Poobahs), there is the possibility that the logic of Plautus wasn't that of Ritschl, Ribbeck, or Leo.

Comme on voit que la logique de Léo n'est pas celle de Ribbeck et que la logique de Ribbeck n'est pas celle de Ritschl, pour ne citer que les grands dieux, il y a des chances pour que la logique de Plaute n'ait été ni celle de Ritschl, ni celle de Ribbeck, ni celle de Léo.
Mutatis mutandis, this could be said of many ancient writers and modern scholars. I haven't seen Lejay's Plaute, just this quotation.

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