Monday, December 18, 2017



Augustine, Expositions on the Psalms 45.13 (on v. 10; tr. ‎Maria Boulding):
Banishing war even to the ends of the earth. We do not see this promise fully realized, for wars still rage. They are fought between nations for dominance; and they are fought also between sects, between Jews, pagans, Christians and heretics. Wars are waged, and with increasing frequency, as some fight for the truth, and others for falsehoods. The prophecy that God is banishing war even to the ends of the earth has not been completely fulfilled yet, but perhaps it will be.

Auferens bella usque adfines terrae. Hoc nondum videmus esse completum: sunt adhuc bella, sunt inter gentes pro regno; inter sectas, inter Iudaeos, Paganos, Christianos, haereticos, sunt bella, crebrescunt bella; aliis pro veritate, aliis pro falsitate certantibus. Nondum ergo completum est: Auferens bella usque adfines terrae: sed fortasse complebitur.

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