Thursday, March 15, 2018


This Vale of Tears

Aeschylus, Libation-Bearers 1018-1020 (tr. Alan H. Sommerstein):
No mortal can complete his life unharmed and unpunished throughout —
ah, ah!
Some troubles are here now, some will come later.

οὐδεὶς μερόπων ἀσινῆ βίοτον
διὰ πάντ᾿ ἀτίτης ἂν ἀμείψαι·
ἒ ἔ,
μόχθος δ᾿ ὁ μὲν αὐτίχ᾿, ὁ δ' ἥξει.

1019 ἀτίτης ἂν ἀμείψαι Garvie (ἀτίτης Heimsoeth, ἀμείψαι Bothe): ἄτιμος ἀμείψεται Μ
1020 ἒ ἔ Klausen: ἐς Μ
A.F. Garvie ad loc.:

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