Thursday, April 26, 2018


Omniscient Apollo

Pindar, Pythian Odes 9.44–49 (Chiron to Phoebus; tr. Richmond Lattimore):
                                    You know the appointed end
of each thing and the ways they are brought to pass;
and the number of the spring leaves earth blossoms, the number
of the sands in the seas and the rivers,
shaken by the waves and the streaming winds; and things to be
and whence they shall come to pass. All this you know.

                 κύριον ὃς πάντων τέλος
οἶσθα καὶ πάσας κελεύθους·        45
ὅσσα τε χθὼν ἠρινὰ φύλλ᾿ ἀναπέμπει, χὠπόσαι
ἐν θαλάσσᾳ καὶ ποταμοῖς ψάμαθοι
κύμασιν ῥιπαῖς τ᾿ ἀνέμων κλονέονται,
    χὤ τι μέλλει, χὠπόθεν
ἔσσεται, εὖ καθορᾷς.

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