Friday, September 07, 2018


A Resolution

Edward Murphy (1707-1777), ed., The Select Dialogues of Lucian (New York: George Long, 1818), pp. ix-x:
In the meantime, if any single and singular father or son, or, rather, both together, should accidentally read these sentiments, and very accidentally join in them, let them (if the youth aspires to be a useful and a shining man) further join in the following resolution, which I here set down for the sake, or even the hope, of gaining over such a youth to a glorious ambition of emerging from the thick, and gross, and mean obscurity that at present overwhelms the minds of most of those who should be the lights and ornaments of the public. The resolution is this: That such a youth quit not school, till he is as perfect as a very good master can make him, in every single word of the following books, viz. Cæs. Comment. Quint. Curt. Sallust's Wars of Catil. and Jugurtha. The five first books of Livy. The select Orat. of Cicero. All Virgil, except his juvenile works. Hor. and Juv. (except the improper parts) Pers. The four first plays of Terence. St. John's Gospel. Leusd. Compend. These Dial. of Lucian. The four first books of Xen. Cyr. Epict. and Tab. Ceb. The eight first books of Hom. Iliad. Hesiod. The Idyl. of Theocrit. Hero and Leand. and Œdip. of Sophocles.
Leusd. Compend. = Johannes Leusden, Compendium Biblicum.

Hat tip: Alan Crease.

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