Sunday, October 28, 2018



Aristophanes, Frogs 185-187 (Charon speaking; tr. Jeffrey Henderson):
Who's for release from cares and troubles?
Who's for the Plain of Oblivion? For Ocnus' Twinings?
The Land of the Cerberians? The buzzards? Taenarum?

τίς εἰς ἀναπαύλας ἐκ κακῶν καὶ πραγμάτων;
τίς εἰς τὸ Λήθης πεδίον, ἢ 'ς Ὄκνου πλοκάς,
ἢ 'ς Κερβερίους, ἢ 'ς κόρακας, ἢ 'πὶ Ταίναρον;

186 Ὄκνου πλοκάς Aristarchus ap. Phot. 338.8 = Suda o 399: ὄνου πόκας codd., Ὀνουπόκας Radermacher
Alan H. Sommerstein ad loc.:

K.J. Dover ad loc.:

Ludwig Radermacher ad loc.:

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