Wednesday, May 22, 2019


Any Good?

A.N. Wilson, "VJ Day and the Virginia Woolf Burger Bar," The Spectator (August 15, 2015):
I once lived next door to Barbara Strachey — daughter of Lytton's brother, the cryptographer Oliver, and of his wife Ray Costello, a painter, who wrote a good history of feminism called The Cause. These liberal-minded parents, filled with all the Bloomsbury/G.E. Moore notions, let their nippers read any book on their groaning shelves, from Marie Stopes to D.H. Lawrence. One day, Barbara's little brother came into the dining room waving a moth-eaten volume and asked with the piping ten-year-old confidence of one who'd found a recondite book: 'It's called Holly Bibble — any good?'

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