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Augustine, Letters 143.2 (to Marcellinus; tr. J.G. Cunningham):
I freely confess, accordingly, that I endeavour to be one of those who write because they have made some progress, and who, by means of writing, make further progress. If, therefore, through inadvertence or want of knowledge, anything has been stated by me which may with good reason be condemned, not only by others who are able to discover this, but also by myself (for if I am making progress, I ought, at least after it has been pointed out, to see it), such a mistake is not to be regarded with surprise or grief, but rather forgiven, and made the occasion of congratulating me, not, of course, on having erred, but on having renounced an error.

ego proinde fateor me ex eorum numero esse conari, qui proficiendo scribunt et scribendo proficiunt. unde si aliquid vel incautius vel indoctius a me positum est, quod non solum ab aliis, qui videre id possunt, merito reprehendatur verum etiam a me ipso, quia et ego saltem postea videre debeo, si proficio. nec mirandum est nec dolendum sed potius ignoscendum atque gratulandum, non quia erratum est, sed quia inprobatum.

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