Sunday, July 07, 2019


Body Parts in Asyndeton

[Lucian], Gout, lines 121-123 (tr. M. D. MacLeod):
The foot, the knee, hip-joint, the ankles, groins and thighs,
Hands, shoulder-blades, and arms, the elbows and the wrists
It eats, devours, burns, quells, inflames and softens up...

πόδα, γόνυ, κοτύλην, ἀστραγάλους, ἰσχία, μηρούς,
χέρας, ὠμοπλάτας, βραχίονας, κόρωνα, καρποὺς
ἔσθει, νέμεται, φλέγει, κρατεῖ, πυροῖ, μαλάσσει...
The translation obscures the asyndeton.

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