Wednesday, July 03, 2019


Thy Courtesy Is But Small

"King Edward IV and the Tanner of Tamworth," lines 109-120, in Thomas Percy (1729-1811), Reliques of Ancient English Poetry (London: Henry G. Bohn, 1872), p. 111:
The tanner hee tooke his good cowe-hide,
    That of the cow was hilt;
And threwe it upon the king's sadèlle,
    That was soe fayrelye gilte.

"Now help me up, thou fine fellòwe,
    'Tis time that I were gone:
When I come home to Gyllian my wife,
    Sheel say I am a gentilmon."

The king he tooke him up by the legge;
    The tanner a f** lett fall;
Nowe marrye, goode fellowe, sayd the kyng,
    Thy courtesye is but small.


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